What is a Chancellor in Star Wars | chanceler star wars

The Supreme Chancellor, also known as the High Chancellor or the Republic Chancellor, and rarely referred to as the chief of state, was the head of the Office of the Chancellor, the executive branch of the Galactic Republic and elected leader of the Galactic Senate, with the seat based on the capital world of Coruscant

Who is Sheev Palpatine son?

As documented in Paul and Hollace David’s “Jedi Prince” saga, the Emperor’s original son was Triclops, a three-eyed human with considerable Force powers.

Who did Palpatine fear?

This information comes to light form the comic series Darth Vader: Dark Lord of the Sith by Charles Soule and Giuseppe Camuncoli, in particular issue #7. Palpatine admits to Darth Vader that the Jedi he actually feared most was none other than Jocasta Nu.

Did Darth Plagueis create Anakin?

This is because Palpatine knew Plagueis had created Anakin and therefore knew of his desire to rule the galaxy alongside him. This provided Palpatine with the motivation to kill Darth Plagueis, believing he would eventually be betrayed and replaced by Darth Vader.

Did the blue guy know Palpatine was a Sith?

Amedda was one of the few in the galaxy who knew Palpatine was a Sith Lord, and assisted the Chancellor as Speaker of the Senate, helping him manipulate Senators into granting him more and more power.

Did Darth Maul know Palpatine was Sidious?

Dooku didn’t know Sidious was Palpatine either. If Maul knew, he would have tole Obi Wan or another Jedi during the Clone Wars. Dooku knew Palpatine was Sidious as he told Obi-Wan about him controlling the senate and referred to him as the dark lord. There’s no real way of actually knowing if he knew ab palpatine.

Who was Palpatine’s wife?

However, in actual Star Wars canon, Palpatine never had a wife, or concubines or any children that we knew of—that is, until The Rise of Skywalker revealed that he did somehow father children.

Is snoke Palpatine’s son?

Snoke Was a Strand-Cast Created by Palpatine

Emperor Palpatine created Snoke to be his proxy through which he could regain his power. Although Snoke was bio-engineered in a lab on Exegol, he was a strand-cast, not a clone.

Does Rey have a child?

According to recent details shared by leaker and YouTuber Mike Zeroh – so, as always, take this with a grain of salt – the House of Mouse is said to have handed The Mandalorian showrunner Jon Favreau the reins to a Disney Plus project which will see Daisy Ridley’s character, Rey Skywalker, give birth to a Force-

What clone did Palpatine fear?

The biggest piece of evidence Palpatine was terrified of Qui-Gon? He had Darth Maul off him to take out the threat before it could develop. We can only speculate what the galaxy would look like if he survived.

Was Palpatine afraid of Luke?

Emperor Palpatine admitted to fearing Luke Skywalker and even said that if he had him by his side instead of Kylo Ren, he would have won the galaxy.

Did Plagueis know about Maul?

Plagueis, however, was fully aware of Maul’s existence, and supported Sidious’s decision to train him. The primary reason for Plagueis’s support, despite the violation of the Rule of Two, was that Maul was trained to be expendable.

Did Palpatine create snoke?

It is revealed that Palpatine had created Snoke as a puppet to lure Ren towards the dark side, and to reclaim the galaxy through the First Order.

How did Palpatine meet Plagueis?

According to the novel Darth Plagueis, young Palpatine first discovered the temptation of the Dark Side of the Force while collecting Sith artifacts. As a young man he met Plagueis, a Muun who was also known as Hego Damask, an interstellar businessman.

Who is the bald lady next to Palpatine?

An Umbaran female, Sly Moore had pale skin and white eyes, and her head was bald. She was always at Palpatine’s side—even when he addressed the galaxy from atop his podium in the Senate Chamber—but kept silent in most situations and zealously guarded her master’s secrets.

Why did Palpatine clone the Zillo beast?

In the end, the Jedi and Republic army were left with no other choice but to kill the Zillo Beast using a powerful toxin, the same one that had compelled it to ravage Coruscant, but in larger doses. After the creature was killed, Palpatine ordered it to be cloned.