What is prolec | prolec

Prolec GE is a joint venture between Xignux Mexican consortium with significant participation in the electricity, infrastructure and food sectors and General Electric (GE), a world leader in different sectors of industry and services.

Who bought Waukesha transformers?

The manufacturer of Waukesha Electric transformers, which has about 600 employees in Waukesha, was sold to a joint venture of GE and Xignux of Mexico. The joint venture known as Prolec GE valued the acquisition of SPX Corp.’s transformer solutions business at $645 million in cash.

Where is prolec located?

ProlecGE is a Mexican transformer manufacturer located in the city of Apodaca, Nuevo León, Mexico. The joint venture between Grupo Xignux and General Electric (49.99%) is one of the largest transformer manufacturers in the Americas, with a 14% share of the transformer market in the United States in 2014.

Did GE buy SPX?

The combined entity will remain a strong partner to its customers and will continue supporting the evolution of the grid in the US and the rest of the Americas.

Who bought SPX?

SPX FLOW to be Acquired by Lone Star for $86.50 Per Share in Cash – Dec 13, 2021.