What should I avoid in The Bahamas | ilha nassau

Country Summary: The vast majority of crime occurs on New Providence (Nassau) and Grand Bahama (Freeport) islands. In Nassau, exercise caution in the “Over the Hill” area (south of Shirley Street). Violent crime, such as burglaries, armed robberies, and sexual assault occur, but generally not in tourist areas.

Who owns Nassau island?

The Bahamas became a free country on July 10, 1973, and today we continue to celebrate Bahamian Independence Day every July 10. The Bahamas remains a part of the Commonwealth of Nations, with Queen Elizabeth II serving as the country’s figurehead.

Was Nassau a real place?

Nassau (/ˈnæsɔː/ NASS-aw) is the capital and largest city of The Bahamas. With a population of 274,400 as of 2016, or just over 70% of the entire population of The Bahamas, Nassau is commonly defined as a primate city, dwarfing all other towns in the country.

What is the nicest beach in Nassau Bahamas?

The 8 Best Beaches in Nassau, Bahamas
Blue Lagoon.Atlantis.Balmoral Island Beach.Cabbage Beach.Cable Beach.Saunders Beach.Love Beach.Coral Harbour Beach.

Can you drink tap water in Bahamas?

Drinking tap water in the Bahamas is generally of good quality and safety is considered to be well regulated. However, as in any hot tropical country, there are still some precautions that wise visitors prefer to take. First of all, although tap water is considered good, you can still stick to bottled water.

What is the safest island in the Bahamas?

Safest Islands in the Bahamas
The Berry Islands.Cat Island.Crooked Island.Eleuthera.The Exumas.Harbour Island.Long Island.San Salvador.

Was Nassau a pirate island?

It was Hornigold who declared Nassau a Pirate’s Republic. At the time there were about 100 locals in the port town and roughly 1,000 pirates, and dozens of surrounding secluded cays provided the perfect home base for pirates looking to ravage the Caribbean.

Is there any pirate history left in Nassau?

This act re-established British control and ended the Republic of Pirates in The Bahamas but you can now relive the Golden Age of Piracy at Pirates of Nassau and experience what it was like to be a pirate in 1716.

Was Captain James Flint a real person?

Captain Nathaniel J. Flint is a fictional 18th-century pirate captain who features in a number of novels, television series, and films. The original character was created by the Scottish writer Robert Louis Stevenson (1850–1894).

Who were the real Pirates of Nassau?

Notable Bahamian pirates

Edward Teach, more famously known as Blackbeard, is by far the most notorious pirate to have lived in the Bahamas. Blackbeard’s pirating career lasted about five years, and it is estimated that in that time he captured about 40 ships.

Does Nassau have a nude beach?

Snorkeling fans will enjoy Love Beach, located 12 miles west of downtown near Compass Point resort and an upscale residential area. With refreshing rock pools and warm, shallow waters, Nassau’s only designated nude beach is a relaxing crowd-free escape with hammocks.

Do they have nude beaches in the Bahamas?

There is NO nude beach at Breezes or anywhere in the Bahamas – it is against the law.

Why is it called Jaws Beach Nassau?

Jaws Beach – so named for its role in a climactic scene in the eponymous movie franchise – is part of the Clifton Heritage Park area, and thus protected, onshore and off. But it’s a free public access area and a very pretty, low-key beach for gentle swimming and snorkelling.

Do you tip in Bahamas?

In the Bahamas, service staff and hotel workers expect to be tipped. The usual tip for service from a taxi driver or waiter is 15% and $1–$2 a bag for porters. Most travelers leave $1 to $3 per day for their hotel maid, usually every morning since the maid may have a day off.

Can you use US dollars in Nassau?

Currency and Exchange

The U.S. dollar is on par with the Bahamian dollar and is accepted all over the Bahamas. Bahamian money runs in bills of $1, $5, $10, $20, $50, and $100. Since U.S. currency is accepted everywhere, there really is no need to change to Bahamian.

What is the best currency to take to the Bahamas?

The Bahamian dollar is on par with the US dollar – no need to exchange currency! Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and most debit cards are also widely accepted throughout Nassau Paradise Island, as well as travelers’ cheques.